Biopolymers with advanced functionalities for building and automotive parts processed through additive manufacturing


The BARBARA project aims to covert the side-stream fractions and residues from agro-food production into novel polysaccharides and functional additives that can be valorised. These compounds will be selected to provide additional capabilities to polymers. These will be mixed with other compounds to create engineering bioplastics adapted for Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) processes (3D printing).

BARBARA will develop novel bio-based engineering bio-plastic materials that will be validated using functional prototypes in the building and automotive sectors. This will ultimately allow development of improved mechanical, thermal and aesthetic properties of novel bio-based engineering polymers as well as demonstrators of final parts for the automotive sector and moulds and tools for hybrid manufacturing in advanced building applications.



The main objectives of BARBARA are to:

  • Develop four new BARBARA materials, in the form of engineering optimised biopolymers, reinforced with bio-additives, designed to achieve customised physical-chemical properties
  • Validate BARBARA materials through additive manufacturing FFF processing in two key European sectors, namely automotive and building
  • Contribute to establishing two new bio-based value chains

In addition, it has specific objectives on:

  • Extracting biomolecules and biopolymers from agro-food by-products
  • Developing functionalized bioadditives, bioplastic matrices and engineering composites
  • Prototyping technologies and validation
Expected impacts: 

BARBARA intends to make the following impacts:

  • Improving sustainability through using natural biomolecules valorised from agricultural residues
  • Developing a new bio-based, compostable polyester matrix with suitable properties for use in FFF technology.
  • Developing a new, partially bio-based, polyamide matrix, with a 25% target of retaining the same properties as fully oil-based types.
  • Processing BARBARA´s materials to obtain biopolymeric compounds, both extruding compounds and manufacturing the products using FFF).