Bioeconomy Awareness and Discourse Project


Bio-based solutions will be vital in driving Europe’s ambitions to become a smarter, greener and more circular economy. A core component of a successful bioeconomy sector will be public support for the benefits. Unfortunately, in many settings, there is little awareness or enthusiasm yet.

The BioCannDo project will help bridge awareness gaps, and inform about the potential and long-term benefits of a vibrant bioeconomy sector to the wider public. It will show to the public that the bio-based economy offers something desirable, with new products, functionalities and day-to-day applications. 

BioCannDo will also offer a platform for feedback, interaction and engagement in the wider discussion on the value of a bio-based economy.


  • Develop multi-stakeholder key messages for communicating functionality and sustainability aspects of bio-based products with the broader public
  • Engage a European stakeholder network dealing with communication issues regarding the bioeconomy in a joint communication undertaking.
  • Create synergies for existing materials and develop missing communication formats and educational material to communicate topics of the bioeconomy and bio-based products to the European citizens
Expected impacts: 
  • If Increase of awareness and acceptance of bio-based products by society.
  • Increased societal confidence related to (new) bio-based products and bio-based industries.
  • Increased engagement by end-consumers in the bioeconomy.