Protein Mining of Cereal side-streams Exploring Novel Technological Concepts


A growing population means a growing demand for protein. However, we can no longer fully depend on animal sources to meet our protein needs; it is simply not sustainable. PROMINENT is identifying ways to make sure we get as much as we can from our existing food sources.

To use our resources efficiently, we need to build up our use of plant proteins. In processing existing foods – even common cereal crops like rice and cereals – a great deal of protein is currently lost. PROMINENT is dedicated to finding ways to capture these proteins from production side streams, providing alternatives to animal proteins and making better use of both crop and land resources.

The project will test the concepts, ensuring safety quality and feasibility of these processes, all the way to the technical considerations of food formulation and consumer acceptance.


  • Develop protein-based ingredients and foods based on the side streams of wheat and rice processing industries, and with desirable taste and texture.
  • Investigate different relevant parameters along the whole food chain: food safety and quality, techno-economic feasibility, (environmental) sustainability, as well as market potential of the new protein ingredients and foods.
  • Design strategies for marketing, dissemination, and exploitation of PROMINENT's results.
Expected impacts: 
  • Application of new plant-based protein ingredients in pasta, biscuit, cake and/or beverage production processes.
  • Additional economic growth, resource efficiency and sustainability of the European agro-food industry.
  • New market opportunities by generating new plant protein ingredients for the agro-food industry, as well as new plant-based end products for the consumer food market.