Techniques and Technologies for Effective Wood Procurement


As we strive for a genuinely circular economy, greater efficiency in how we manage our renewable resources becomes increasingly important. This is particularly true of Europe’s forests – a major source of sustainable materials and essential to Europe’s ambitions as a leading bio-economy.

Increased biomass demand generates a need for more accessible forests to maintain a sustainable supply and maximise the value of this resource. TECH4EFFECT aims to deploy technological advances to advance forest management to a new level. The project will increase efficiencies including both lowering the cost and the environmental impact of harvesting from forests.

By developing a state-of-the-art knowledge-based decision-support system aimed at increasing efficiency, TECH4EFFCT will offer a novel way to exploit the increasing amounts of data generated in modern forestry. TECH4EFFECT seeks to implement the developed efficiency management tool in five participating countries.


  • To improve the efficiency of European forest management by enabling a data-driven knowledge-based revolution of the European forest sector while also providing key incremental improvements in technology
  • To increase access to wood resources with focus on accelerated growth rates, improved silvicultural operations and improved business models for more efficient transactions in forest management
  • To increase the efficiency of forest harvesting and collection with focus on infrastructure improvements, forest machine data exploitation, and improved work practices
  • To reduce and monitor soil impacts from forest operations through machine technologies and machine mounted sensors combined with information technology
  • To develop the TECH4EFFECT web-based benchmarking tool to collect and systematize data from forest management and provide a foundation for knowledge-based management of European forest operations in the future
  • To implement TECH4EFFECT in a global European version and in country specific adaptations through industrial leadership
  • To assess the environmental and socio-economic performance of the project results for the whole wood value chain
Expected impacts: 
  • Improving efficiency in silviculture and harvesting operations
  • Improving accessibility to wood resources leading to a significant increase in productivity in forest operations over a representative period of time
  • Increasing forest operations output minimising environmental impacts: reducing soil disturbance, efficiently & more efficiently extracted grot (residuals).
  • Reducing fuel consumption in the forest harvesting process by at least 15%.

Project achievements & milestones

TECH4EFFECT: A new app for more efficient wood harvesting
15 May 2019
Our TECH4EFFECT project developed a new app for more efficient wood harvesting to provide more biomass for the bioeconomy. Read more